Chef Denzil hails

Chef of Restaurant
Chef Denzil hails from the island of Jamaica and began his culinary training at the New York Restaurant School. From there, he garnered his work experience in some of the most exquisite restaurants in New York City and the Tri-state area such as Le Bernadin; Asia de Cuba, and Picholine. He has occupied every cooking position from line cook; sous chef, to executive chef, and most recently to consulting chef for several upstart restaurants. Chef Denzil’s vast experience provided him with a diverse cue of cooking styles from African, Eastern European, Southern American, Latin, and of course Caribbean cuisines.
30 Years
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Early Years

My life’s milestones revolve around food, wine and people. That’s a fairly typical concept for any rising Chef. After taking an initial conventional path toward what I aspired to be, I later focused my efforts on being the chef of todays trendy and knowledgeable diners. I started my cooking career in Atlanta Georgia, at my brother’s restaurant in 1996 just before the summer Olympics. At that time my brother would only allow me to cut peppers and peel onions. It was your typical Caribbean restaurant featuring jerk chicken, oxtail etc.

My Discovery

It did not take long doing the same thing everyday before I realized that I had developed a strong interest in the cooking world and it was time for me to pursue a means to learn everything I could about this industry, so I returned to New York City.

Professional Skills


Night School Education

I began attending night school taking culinary classes from 10:00pm to 7:00am everyday including Sundays, then going straight from there to my job as a cable installer from 8am – 4pm . To add to the hardship of that schedule, I had a neighbor who lived below me at the time who was a drummer, and a bad one at that, who would practice constantly. I don’t think I slept for a year. I still managed to have very good grades, which allowed me to graduate from cooking school and to earn my externship site at one of the premier seafood restaurants in New York City, the restaurant Le Bernadin. 

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